• Gecko gripper

Gecko gripper 

A completely new kind of gripper: the Gecko. This gripper uses technology that has been derived from the feet of geckos. Minuscule hairs on their feet enable them to 'stick' to walls. This technology, which was developed by NASA, gives this gripper the adhesive power to lift products.

The Gecko gripper picks up flat objects without using compressed air. It can be used for dense or slightly porous object. The integrated load sensor makes accurate gripping possible and the proximity sensor checks if the object is at the desired position.

This Gecko gripper is suitable for assembly and pick & place tasks.

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Payload 6,5 kg
IP classification 42

Gecko gripper

  • Brand: OnRobot
  • Product Code: OR-G-GEC
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  • €5,400.00

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